Snowmobile Safaris

We organize guided snowmobile safaris in the Levi region. In case you want to do a longer safari, we can arrange one all the way to the Fell Lapland region. The duration of the safari varies from two hours to few days.

Snowmobile safaris can be combined with reindeer and husky rides. Ice fishing safaris can be arranged at early spring.  
By prebooking it will be possible to include food services in the safari according to the wishes of the customer.

To be able to sit on the snowmobile, the passenger needs to be at least 140cms tall. The shorter ones travel in the pod. The minimum age for snowmobiling is 3 years. We do not recommend snowmobiling for a person who is pregnent.


Safari Kumputunturille You have the chance to admire the arctic nature on its best, when we drive over frozen marshlands and through snowy forests. After 30 km drive, we stop in a former loggers´ cabin, nowadays Hanhipirtti café, which is located in the lap of two famous fells Kätkä and Pyhä and on the side of Pyhäjärvi Lake. Hanhipirtti café offers us an amazing, cozy and peaceful atmosphere for a coffee break. Warm waffles and hot drinks refreshes the traveler. After the break, we continue our journey 15 km towards Levi center.
If you pre-order, it is possible to enjoy a tasty lunch at Hanhipirtti café.
Length of the safari is about 45km and it will take about 2,5 hours.
  • 150 €/Person, 1 Person/Snowmobile
  • 105 €/Person, 2 Persons/Snowmobile
  • 57 €/Child 

a Safari to the summit of Kumputunturi

Safari Kumputunturille As soon as the snowmobile tracks are in a good condition for longer safaris, we organize safaris to Kumputunturi, which happens to be one of the greatest fells in Kittilä region. From the summit of Kumputunturi a breathtaking view can be seen - A view to the vast horizon.  After we have admired the view, we will sit around an open fire, grill sausages, eat smoked reindeer sandwiches and drink hot beverages. It is possible to order a different menu for the safari.
Length of the safari is about 120km and it will take about six hours.
Price: 240 €/Person, 1 Person/Snowmobile 

a Safari around the Levi fell

Safari Levitunturin ympäri We will drive around the Levi fell and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. We will have a break for hot beverages at a Lappish Teepee restaurant which is located at Luvattumaa.  For extra charge it is possible to visit the snow castle of Luvattumaa. Length of the safari is about 36km and duration a bit more than two hours.


  • 125 €/person, 1 person/snowmobile
  • 88 €/person, 2 persons/snowmobile
  • 53 €/child, under 12 years.

a Reindeer farm safari

Safari porotilalle To ensure that you have a chance to see a reindeer, one of our safaris heads to a traditional Lappish reindeer farm. In case you are interested, by preordering it is possible to combine a short reindeer ride with the safari. After we have enjoyed hot beverages with Finnish buns we will head back to Levi. Length of the safari is about 30km and it will take about two hours. If there is need, the smallest of the family can enjoy the safari in a heated sled.


  • 115 €/person, 1 person/snowmobile
  • 80 €/person, 2 persons/snowmobile
  • 50 €/child, under 12 years.

a Safari to Swanshore

Safari Joutsenrantaan The destination of the safari is Swanshore, which is a privately owned by Perhesafarit. The trail to Swanhore goes alongside two famous fells called Kätkä and Pyhä. At the destination there are two Laplander´s huts and for sunny days an outdoor fireplace, providing the necessary space for bigger groups. At Swanshore there is an amazing view to Aakenus fell, which is one of the most beautiful fells in Lapland.  In the cozy Laplander´s hut, around warming fire, we will eat sandwiches, grill sausages and drink hot beverages. If you preorder, it is possible to have a different menu for the safari, reindeer stew for an example. After the break we will return to Levi through a different route. The safari is about 60km long and it will take approximately three hours.


  • 165 €/person, 1 person/snowmobile
  • 120 €/person, 2 persons/snowmobile

a Safari to Lainio

Safari Lainiolle We snowmobile along spectacular and chancing landscape to Lainio through snowy forests and frosty marshlands. In the destination we will visit the Lainio Snowcastle, which is filled with gorgeous ice and snow sculptures. After the tour we will enjoy a soup lunch at the Lainion Krouvi restaurant.
It is possible to preorder a different menu for lunch. We will drive about 90km in total and it will take about four hours.


  • 230 Eur/person, 1 person/snowmobile
  • 170 Eur/person, 2 persons/snowmobile

Custom made safari

Safari Lainiolle If you did not find any suitable package from our list, please contact us, so we will make a custom made safari just for you.